recruitment for an online acquired dysarthria questionnaire


Research Project: 

Dysarthria management practices and future treatment directions: Views of speech-language therapists


Main Researcher: Pasquale Balzan, Division of Human Communication Sciences, University of Sheffield


Research Supervisors: 

Dr Catherine Tattersall, Division of Human Communication Sciences, University of Sheffield

Dr Rebecca Palmer, School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield


Dear Sir/ Madam,

We would like your kind help with our research study: an online questionnaire about acquired dysarthria. This study is part of my postgraduate doctoral degree in Human Communication Sciences at the University of Sheffield. We are doing this study to understand the views of speech-language therapists/ pathologists on current treatment options for  neurogenic dysarthria. We are also interested in identifying whether clinicians would be interested in participating in trials involving new treatment options for acquired dysarthria. Speech-language therapists/ pathologists can participate in this study if (1) they hold a speech-language warrant from a licensed body and (2) assess and treat individuals with acquired dysarthria as part of their clinical caseload.

If you wish to participate in the study, which only takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete, we would appreciate it if you can complete the online questionnaire by clicking on the below link.


If the survey does not open in your Internet web browser, please type the address exactly as shown above in the address line of your web browser. Prior to starting the survey questions, you will be asking for your voluntary consent. A participant information sheet is also attached in the cover page of the online questionnaire.

This study has been approved by the University Research Ethics Committee of the University of Sheffield (Reference number 036240). Participation in the study is voluntary. Unless you optionally provide us with your e-mail address, data will be collected anonymously. Hence, once the questionnaire is completed, withdrawal from participation is not possible as there is no way to link your responses to the data collected. Should you be interested in participating in future research on slurring of speech and wish to participate in these studies, you will still be given the option to voluntarily provide us with your e-mail address. Your e-mail will be rendered anonymous and will be stored in a password protected university drive accessible only to the main researcher. Your e-mail will only be used by the main researcher and will not be shared with others.

For more information, queries or technical questions regarding the questionnaire, you can contact the main researcher on pbalzan1@sheffield.ac.uk.

I thank you in advance for considering taking part in this project.

Thanks and regards,